About Soldiers of Rye

Established in 1987 in Rye, East Sussex, Soldiers of Rye is owned and run by Chris Viner, offering both traditional glossy painted toy soldiers and connoisseur style figures in a variety of scales from 25mm to 120mm and from all eras of history to collectors worldwide, ageing from five to ninety five years old.

Mainly cast in metal, some are bought in, some converted and others handmade to produce original pieces, dioramas and vignette.

A speciality are chess sets depicting conflicts through the ages. Each of these is a ‘one off’ original and has an accompanying certificate of authenticity. Conflicts I have recreated in this way have included Ancient Rome, The Battle of Hastings, Agincourt, Trafalgar, Waterloo, The American War Of Independence and American Civil War, Rorkes Drift, Crimea, and both World Wars.

Whether it be a one off purchase for a Dad, Brother or friend, or additions to an ongoing collection, every figure receives the same care and attention to detail.

I even made a Chess set of the Gunfight at the OK Corral for an American client once. No mean feat even if I say so myself considering that there were only a handful of cowboys in the gunfight and it takes thirty two pieces to make up a chess set! Perhaps the most interesting set thus far has been one commissioned by an Australian chess player who asked for Ned Kelly versus the Police Officers who captured him. What made this extra special was that I could for the first time use thirty two ‘real’ people to form it.

Normally, with The Battle of Waterloo as an example, Napoleon, Wellington and some of the famous Generals can be depicted, but most of the pieces merely represent soldiers who were there. But with the Kelly set it was possible to reunite brothers, cousins and old friends and foes from the actual final stand of the gang.

A further speciality is to make a representation of a famillies military heros.

Using photographs, or descriptions where these are not available, I have made models of men and women who have served our country from Waterloo to Afghanistan and many theatres of action in between.

I consider it an honour to make these pieces and you will find some photographs on this website of heros I have made in the past. Table top Generals are not forgotten either, with many a battalion of British Grenadiers, French Cavalry or Roman Legions ordered by wargamers to help win their miniature battles!

I hope you enjoy browsing the website, where you will find pieces of my work and special offers for sale. But if you cannot find what you want, please contact me using the avenues provided and simply ask. I promise to do my utmost to help.

Thanks for looking,
Chris Viner.

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