Events, Talks and Presentations

It has been my pleasure to deliver a variety of after dinner, daytime and evening talks during the lifetime of Soldiers of Rye. These have been given to various Military and non-Military societies, Round Tables, Museums and Associations such as the U3A.

Subjects presented have included, The Battle of Waterloo, The Napoleon I Know, The Legend of the Universal Soldier, The Last Successful German Invasion of Britain, A Life with Toy Soldiers, Richard the Third and The Importance of History Today.

I am always delighted to discuss further presentations and can be contacted by email, telephone or in person at my shop.

I have been fortunate on these occasions to find a receptive audience who have enjoyed my deliveries, all of which are conducted without notes or props of any kind as I believe that the best form of illustration are those conjured up by the ‘third eye’, the eye to the imagination, which allows the listener to ‘see beyond what they can see’ and thus relive the events spoken off without the need of physical aids.

For details of my past and upcoming events, please see below or contact me directly to discuss availability for a presentation or talk.

Winchelsea Wednesday Society – Napoleon and Josephine

Events: I have been delighted to accept an invitation to present a talk by the Winchelsea Wednesday Society on the 13th June 2018. The venue is the New Hall Winchelsea, (time to be specified). The subject will be, 'Napoleon and Josephine', and it will discuss their...

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Rye Museum – Napoleon and the Jews – 14th June 2018

Events: I have been delighted to accept an invitation to present a talk, entitled 'Napoleon and the Jews', by the Rye Museum at the Lion Street, Rye, Museum Site on 14th June 2018, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Napoleons attitude to minority peoples differed widely from...

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