Giant Commission!

Over twenty years ago this giant figure, plus a second piece the same size, was brought to Soldiers of Rye for repair and painting. Standing nearly six feet tall, they were, and remain, the largest single figures ever brought in for renovation. The models were Italian  Knights, one in seriously elaborate armour and the other, not illustrated, in ‘court dress’. Made in the 1930’s of spelter they were rescued from destruction at the hands of workmen who were about to throw them into a skip, wherein they would no doubt have been shattered into many pieces, by a collector from Manchester who then brought them to Rye. Each piece was damaged and required many hours of work to bring them back to proper condition. Spelter figures were designed to be displayed in their polished metal form. However in this instance the Client wanted them painted. The Knight in battle armour took just under 300 hours to restore and paint, with the Knight in court dress needing approx. 250 hours to finish. Once back in Manchester they were displayed, in all their new glory, at the top of a large staircase, facing each other. They were very special pieces and bring back fond memories to this day’

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Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufactured: Circa 1930
Material: Spelter
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye

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