Marshal Ney

There were twenty six men who were made Marshals of his Empire by Napoleon and Soldiers of Rye is proud to be able to portray them. Some who received the coveted Marshals baton proved themselves forever worthy of their illustrious rank, with all the prestige, titles and wealth that came with it. Some preferred to enjoy their spoils rather than participate in the campaigns which seemed  to endlessly separate them from their estates, whilst others turned against the Empire and the man who had made it all.

Michael Ney was born the son of a barrel cooper and rose through the ranks of the Revolutionary, Consulate and Imperial armies to become a legend in his own lifetime. Stories of his courage under fire are draped across the pages of countless books of the period and make fascinating reading. Napoleon granted him two official titles, but it is a third, unofficial one that gave this great soldier his undying glory. Commanding the resolute but constantly dwindling band of hero’s that formed the French armies rear guard as it staggered out of Russia in 1812, their loss seemed inevitable as they fought of vastly overwhelming numbers of the enemy for mile upon mile across the icy wastes. When almost by some miracle Ney appeared at the head of his men, the remnants of the army rejoiced and Napoleon, embracing his old comrade with tears in his eyes, declared,” I knew you would come back Michael, for you truly are the Bravest of the Brave, aren’t you?” And it is with this title that history will forever remember him!

The figure of Ney illustrated, in gloss finish, is of the Marshal during that dreadful retreat in 1812, he wears a greatcoat against the cold and carries a musket as if a common private. The piece can also be supplied as a matt collectors model, with a polished wood base as required. And if Ney in a Marshals uniform is preferred this can be supplied also.

Any of Napoleons ‘Twenty six’, be it Marshals  Soult, Massena, Davout, Grouchy, Macdonald, Oudinot, Brune et all,  can be recreated by Special Commission. So, if you have a favourite, or several, please ask for them!


Price: £15.00 glossy, £35.00 connoisseur.
Current Stock: Available to order.


Manufacturer: Tradition.
Manufactured: Modern.
Material: Metal.
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye.
Size: 54mm.

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