20mm Second World War Wargame

The pictures in this Gallery show various scenes from a wargame between American Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne, the famed ‘Band of Brothers’, and units of the German army. Set in 1944 following the D-Day invasion of France, the game was played out in 20mm scale and set an advancing American force suddenly faced with a counter attacking SS group. supported by armour, including Tiger tanks, and deadly fire from concealed snipers, lookout for the guys in the roof top!  The game played out very well, with the German force eventually forcing the Americans to withdraw as, despite the heroics of their own Sherman tanks, they found themselves out flanked. Better to pull back and live to fight another day.

The Second World War has always been popular amongst wargamers, and the increasing awareness of the period through constant anniversaries of the many battles fought from 1939 until 1945 means it retains and increases its place amongst gamers.

One of the most favoured scales to refight this part of history with is 20mm, for it allows for decent size figures, tanks and vehicles whilst providing players scope to play out small, or larger skirmishes and battles.

Every theatre of operations can be covered, from early 1939 and the German attack on Poland, through the determined defence of Dunkirk, to the 8th Army in the desert, the campaigns in Italy and  Russia and ultimately the Normandy invasion and the defeat of Nazi Germany. Not to mention the wars against Japan!

The illustrations show German armour supporting its infantry against U.S Paratroopers during a game played as part of the Normandy Campaign, with all terrain constructed and painted by Soldiers of Rye.


Prices: Figures £3.50 each. Vehicles and tanks from £15.00 each
Current Stock: Available to order


Manufacturer: Various
Manufactured: Modern
Material: Metal and resin
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye
Size: 20mm

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