Richard III

This is a splendid model of the tragic King, Richard the Third. To some a heroic Monarch betrayed and murdered at the Battle of Bosworth Field, to others a usurper of the throne and himself a murderer of many, including his own nephews! Discovered in a car park, his remains were reburied in a grand ceremony with all the pomp expected of a Royal. The figure illustrated is of Richard, axe in hand, as he was during that last great fight to defend his throne. Betrayed by the Stanley’s, who turned against him and fought with Henry Tudor as the day wore on, he ultimately lost his life struggling to get to Henry who was positioned, surrounded by bodyguards some distance from the danger area. Many members of the Richard the Third Society have commissioned this piece. Something Soldiers of Rye is very proud of.

Other medieval period figures that have been portrayed include, Harold of England, William the Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart, Edward the First, Henry the V and Henry the VIII.

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Re-Orders: Yes.


Manufacturer: Various.
Manufactured: Modern.
Material: Metal.
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye.
Size: 54mm.

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