Rorkes Drift Diorama

This is the first of two photographs illustrating a Battle of Rorkes Drift diorama created for a client. It contains hundreds of 54mm figures and is the largest such battle scene Soldiers of Rye has been involved in. The battle, made legendary by the famous film, ‘Zulu’, took place on January 22- 23 1879 in Natal Province, South Africa. Some four thousand Zulu warriors attacked a British and South African force of just 157 men at the Mission and supply centre named after its founder as Rorkes Drift. Despite many heroic charges, the attackers were unable to overwhelm the determination of the defenders and after suffering many casualties, the Zulus broke of the assault, leaving seventeen men of the garrison dead and many more wounded. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded for bravery during the action, the most such medals ever won during a single battle.

The diorama shows, I think most successfully, the obvious chaos of the fighting, with all defensive order appearing to have broken down as the combat becomes ever more desperate and hand to hand. However, looks can be deceiving, for despite the smoke and noise of battle, the soldiers discipline, obedience and comradeship never failed them. All eleven VC’s are represented in the scene along with winners of the Distinguished Conduct Medal and those others on both sides who fought so bravely.

Soldiers of Rye has created dioramas from small vignettes to multi figures scenes from conflicts right across history including the battles of; Hastings, Bosworth, Naseby, Waterloo, Balaclava, Gettysburg, The Somme, D-Day and more. Projects can be discussed and prices arranged to suit a clients request. Figures can be in 28mm or 54mm scale.  All receive the same care and attention.

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Manufacturer: Various
Manufactured: Modern
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye
Size: 28/54 & 90mm

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