Sargent Patrick Harper

Bernhard Cornwall’s Sharpe novels, which follow the adventures of an officer in the 95th Rifles during the Napoleonic wars, also finds Sharpe’s equally famous second in command, Sargent Patrick Harper running through their pages. Always at his side, Sharpe owes much to the courage and solid soldiering of the resolute Harper.

Soldiers of Rye is proud to compliment the heroic tales found throughout the books with a figure of Patrick Harper, ready for action and carrying his legendary seven barrelled rifle! The model can be painted in high gloss or matt collectors style and complimented by a polished wooden base if required.

Richard Sharpe is also available.

Price: £15.00 glossy, £35.00 connoisseur.
Current Stock: Available to order.


Manufacturer: Tradition.
Manufactured: Modern.
Material: Metal.
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye.
Size: 54mm.

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