Scots Grey, Waterloo 1815

This is a 90mm Stadden figure of a Scots Grey. This regiment, present on so many battlefields across Britain’s military history, and famous for their legendary charge at the Battle of Waterloo, is one of the most popular amongst collectors. This quality model stands out as one of the finest ever produced and was painted some years ago for a collector. Although this actual figure can no longer be supplied, other equally impressive pieces, representing cavalry soldiers from conflicts across history’s rich tapestry can be made up in 90mm and 54mm scale.

Cavalry pieces from other Nations and regiment’s by Special Commission.

Price: £350.00. 90mm scale.
54mm scale from £85.00.
Glossy Toy Soldier Style, from £30.00.
Current Stock: Available to order.


Manufacturer: Featured model by Charles Stadden
Manufactured: Modern.
Material: Metal.
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye.
Size: 90mm.

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