Vintage William Britians Ltd Blues & Royals

The two figures featured on this page are by the famous William Britain’s Limited. Beginning before the end of the 1800’s ,Britain’s fast became the leading British then World Wide toy soldiers brand. They produced a vast range of figures, from the classic British Guardsman, to Arabs, Khaki clad troops from the Boer War, W.W.I and II, Knights in armour, cowboys, farmworkers, and more! Pieces in original factory painted condition, especially in their original sales boxes are highly sought after and raise increasingly high prices at auction. As a rule, unless the figure is an extremely rare item, collectors will buy soldiers that have at least one third of their original paint work on them.  Less than that and by carefully repainting figures in as sympathetic a manner as possible, these grand old troops can soon become attractive to a new generation of collectors.

There is no constant supply of old Britain’s toy soldiers. Please feel free to email or call to discover what’s available, or, alternatively, let me know if there is anything you would like me to try and source for you.

Always happy to help!

Price: £20.00 each
Current Stock: Available to order


Manufacturer: William Britain Limited
Manufactured: Circa 1920
Material: Hollow cast lead
Artwork: Repainted by Soldiers of Rye
Size: 54mm

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