Waterloo Chess Set

During more than thirty years in business Soldiers of Rye has created a myriad of Collectors Chess Sets for clients all across the world.  The battles of Rome versus Barbarians, Agincourt, The Wars of the Roses, Waterloo, Rorkes Drift, Custer’s Last Stand, even the Gunfight at the OK Coral and more have been refought upon the chess board using splendidly realistic model soldiers. Miniature works of art in their own right, each piece can stand alone, but, when gathered together they are transformed into a unique Collectors Chess Set that allows players to ‘refight’ a moment in history. Even Ned Kelly, (hero or villain?), lives again in a Chess Set ordered from Australia as he seeks to avoid final capture from his policemen foes!

The Chess Set illustrated is The Battle of Waterloo, June 18th 1815, between the forces of Imperial France and Europe’s Allied Nations. Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington lead their respective forces, which include Standards as Queens, Marshals and Generals, such as Ney and Uxbridge as Bishops, dismounted cavalrymen as Knights, artillerymen as Rooks and Pawns made up of soldiers from different regiments and nationalities. Many clients opt to include favourite characters amongst the pieces. One Chess Set needed thirty three figures in it. Shortly after taking collection the new owner requested a third French Bishop. When asked why, he replied that he found it impossible to play properly whilst Marshal Ney was on the board because, “I like him too much and don’t want to lose him” So another French General was provided for play, with Ney appearing only when the Set was displayed!

Chess players and Collectors who wish to own a ‘different’ and special set are invited to make contact to discuss their requirements.

Price: Traditional High Gloss Toy Soldier Style, from £350.00. Connoisseur (as example illustrated), from £860.00.
Current Stock: Available to order


Manufacturer: Various
Manufactured: Modern
Material: Metal
Artwork: Soldiers of Rye
Size: 28mm/54mm/and 90mm

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