William Britains Ltd, Military Band

Regimental Bands and their music have been a part of military life since the birth of armies and before. They have marched at the head of advancing columns and into cities, they have sounded the call to arms and ordered retreats, and they have entertained millions with their inspirational music. Soldiers of Rye always has upon its shelves a variety of marching bands like the one illustrated, which is a vintage William Britain’s regimental band in khaki uniform. From circa 1920, this is a hollow cast set of twenty four¬†musicians and is representative of all such clothed bandsmen from 1914 through to the late 1940’s. Other more distinctive bands are always available such as, Royal Marines, Paratroopers, Guards, Royal Navy and R.A.F, of which some may be vintage pieces and others modern figures. If the bands on sale are not what is required, clients may choose their favourite and the numbers of musicians that make it up as a special commission.

Price: From £10.00 x numbers in the band
Current Stock: Available to order


Manufacturer: Various
Manufactured: Vintage and Modern
Material: Metal
Artwork: Some original hollow cast bands and others by Soldiers of Rye
Size: 54mm

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