Thirty three years! When you say it like that it’s sounds like a very long time, which l suppose it is, but somehow it seems to have slipped by quickly!

Soldiers of Rye started selling toy Soldiers all those years ago and from the beginning they found their way to collectors and as gifts to people all over the world.

My little troops live all over Europe, the USA, Scandinavia, Canada, The Middle and Far East, Australia, New Zealand, every country in South America and many in Africa.

I have often thought that perhaps l am not a bad General really, as my soldiers have gone to all these places and yet never hurt anyone!

Chris Viner proprietor of Soldiers of Rye

All through the years l have tried to enthuse visitors to my shop with the joys and fascinations of history through my models, particularly younger people.

But now it is time to go. The enthusiasm will never wane, but a new adventure beckons for my wife and l in Scotland.

Before l go however l want to thank all the wonderful clients who have bought my toy soldiers over the years and of course, very importantly, all the many friends whether in business or not, who have helped me ever since l came to Rye.

I shall never, ever forget any of you.

I wish each and every business in Rye and each and every citizen of this Old and Special Town every success and good thing in the future.

It’s been a lot if fun.

Thank you all.
Chris Viner